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Maybe you’ve previously cruised in a limousine for a hens night or with a group of friends for a school formal, debutante or some special event but now the time has come to booking a limo for your own event.  If you’ve never hired a limo before, here are some important things to consider before you even pick up the phone or type Melbourne Limo Hire into Google search engine.


When contacting a limo hire company, make sure you’re prepared with the basic information about your event. You’ll need to be able to provide the date, locations and times of the event in question, and how long you want to hire the limousine for.

But why do I need this?

At this point you probably only just want a quote, but it wouldn’t make much sense to ask for a quote without knowing if the limo is available on that day and time! Prices also vary according to locations and times.

Some vehicles can struggle with accessing certain locations so it’s always best for the limo company to do check before providing a quote to you that they can actually do the job required.

Next, you need to know the size of the party that will be travelling in the limo. It may be that you require a limo that will seat just a small group, or maybe you’ve got so many people you need multiple cars! The limo company will be able to advise you on how many people they can legally carry in each limo.

Name the occasion

When contacting hire companies, make sure you explain what the occasion is, as some companies charge different hourly rates based on the type of event (why do they do this? Well keep on reading!). Many hire companies will provide package deals for events with predictable start and end times, whereby you’re able to hire the car for a fixed duration. This often works out cheaper, and makes the whole process incredibly easy. Events which have a flexible end time will obviously incur more costs. as that is only fair and reasonable.

Shop around

Like anything in life, it’s always nice to get the best deal available so ‘shop around’ for great value when deciding which company to go with.

Never deal with a grumpy person or even someone who does not even sound interested in you or your event. You deserve much more than this and no matter how ‘cheap’ the deal sounds – it will probably end in an argument somewhere or sometime.

Limo companies that do not ask questions and show a lack of interest in what you are doing should probably be avoided.

Don’t be afraid to tell companies about other, cheaper quotes you may have received, as many will be eager to try and beat their competitors’ prices; or even throw in some extras.

Be wary, if the price seems too good to be true it probably is… some companies charge additional prices for fuel or tolls or long distances which are not included in the advertised price, so make sure you’re aware of this when comparing quotes.

Please make sure you ask the company if you can go and view the limousine and ‘check it out’. If the answer is no or excuses are made, then obviously this company should be avoided. A good reliable company that cares and values you will make every effort to win your business.


Aside from the size of your party, the choice of limo is completely down to you and which type of car best suits you and your groups’ style. Whether you’re after the classic vintage or modern contemporary look, your ride should be all about you and your party. If you need ideas or inspiration, have a look at wedding limo hire Melbourne page.

Planning ahead

Attention to detail is really important. Once you’ve decided on a hire company, make sure you let them know well in advance the exact details that are really important to you. From the drinks in your car, any route that you’d like to take to the venue and any music being played during the journey.

The right company will want to ensure you are completely satisfied for the agreed price.

Remember – once you find a limo and service that suits you with a company you trust, make sure you move quickly with your booking. Limousines can be extremely popular so avoid missing out on hiring the right one for your event and get planning as early as possible (especially for weddings to avoid disappointment).

Organize all the pick-up and drop-off locations and times with the company well in advance and save their mobile so you can give them a quick call in the days prior to make sure there are no problems.

Then, it’s time to sit back, relax and enjoy that glass of bubbly in style!

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