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Before you even start looking or pick up the phone, you need to determine a couple of details.

  1. How many people do you require to be transported?

This will help you to decide if you need more than one car. You may decide to use 2 separate stretch limos.  Typically, one to collect the bride, father of the bride and bridesmaids and the other to collect the groom and groomsmen.  After the ceremony, you may choose to join your bridal party in one limo to enjoy the photography session together.  Otherwise, you may prefer to travel separately in a sedan in order to spend time with your new husband/wife.  Either way, have an idea of how many cars you need and what capacity they need to be.

Next, what type of car do you have in mind?


  1. In search of wedding limousine hire Melbourne Do you want a traditional vintage/classic wedding car or a flashy modern number?   You know best which car will suit your needs as well as your personality. Keep in mind that the modern limos do have reliable air conditioning and heating, unlike some of the vintage cars (if you are getting married in the middle of summer or winter).  If you’re not completely sure, have a browse through photos or social media sites like Instagram or Facebook to gain a better idea of which car you’d like to choose.




  1. i)Now comes the fun part, you’ve decided what sort of car you want, but have you thought about your schedule?

Write down the times you know.

What time would like to arrive at the ceremony?  The reception? How long will need the car/cars for, including photos? A general rule is for the groom/groomsmen to arrive 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony.  The bride may choose to arrive a little late to allow for any late comers to be seated when she makes her entrance.  You will want your photographer to get some wonderful shots of you arriving and getting out of the car, as well as giving you time for any last minute adjustments with your dress (or suit!) and hair. Your wedding is meant to be the happiest of days, so ensure you have enough time for makeup/hair etc. for yourself and the bridesmaids, as this is one common pitfall.  Allowing plenty of time helps to avoid stress on the day.


Are there any events which coincide with your special day that may cause delays or detours eg. Marathons, special events or roadwork?  Try to anticipate traffic at certain times of the day, and of course, discuss this with your car provider too, as they are well practiced at getting bridal parties to weddings on time.  For example, having an 8 metre long stretch limo safely navigate the steep, windy roads up to, and down from, Mount Dandenong, takes time, so an experienced limo company will ensure these factors are considered, and will offer help and advice regarding your time schedules.


  • Is your choice of car available for the specified date?
  • Do you have to pay upfront or can you place a deposit for your specified date?
  • Will the car remain at the venue during the ceremony?
  • What is the hire period, and what extra charges will there be if the schedule runs over?
  • What happens in the event of a break down?
  • Can you view the vehicle?
  • What is included in the price of Chrysler Limo Hire Melbourne (eg. Tax, Tolls, Ribbons, Red Carpet and Champagne)?


When getting a quote, ensure you know what type of car you’d like, how many cars you need, as well as the date and time you need them for. There will be flexibility on the time, but it will allow your company of choice to reasonably say yes or no if we have the car available on that day.

It’s sensible to get quotes from various companies. However, when obtaining a quote, remember that if it sounds too good (or cheap) – it probably is. For example, you might think you’re booking an immaculate 2 tone black with silver Chrysler stretch limo and it actually turns out to be an earliermodel with panel damage etc. This could seriously impact your mood on your wedding day so avoid such mishaps and find the reason why they are cheaper.

It’s also very wise to ask the company for an inspection prior to booking and if they are reluctant to make an appointment then you should avoid – and if you can afford to pay a little more, it is probably wise to do so with peace of mind.

 If you’re thinking of booking a wedding car or wedding limo in Melbourne, Limozone guarantee to make it a wonderful experience and provide free bubbly as standard. Our chauffeurs are friendly and professional with years of experience getting nervous brides and grooms to their destination.

To find out more, Please visit our website :-www.1800limozone.net.au (Best Limo Hire Service In Melbourne and surrounding suburbs )

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